The Law of Temporary Military Exemption for Graduates

In accordance with the passage of a Bill by the Islamic Consultative
Assembly (Majlis) dated May 4, 1993 ( 14 Ordibehesht, 1372) :

"In peace time, Iranian Graduates with Masters degree and above
and Iranian specialists and scientists living abroad are given
permission to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran without the
review of their military status at the invitation of the respective
Department 's Ministers and for the purpose of participating in
seminars and specialized activities, scientific visits, performance
of short term projects and special short term services. The military
exemption may be given once per calendar year and for the maximum
period of up to five(5) months stay ".


Approval of Temporary Military Exemptions are normally requested by
the sponsoring agencies ( universities, research centers, organizing
committees of conferences and seminars, industrial R&D departments,
etc.) and reviewed/approved by the respective Ministers in charge.

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